Title NameAuthor NameEditonVolumeSubjectLocation
A Dictionary of EpidemiologyLast, John M., 4thEpidemiology
A Textbook of Foods, Nutrition and DieteticsRaheena Begum2nd
A Textbook of Inorganic ChemistryUpadhyaya,K.N3rdChemistry
A Textbook of PathologyKhaleque S.A2nd & 3rdvol- 1 & 2Pathology
ABC’s of the Biostatistics, Moslehuddin Ahmed,SM.1stBiostatistics
Advanced Immunology Male, David; Cooke,Anne; Owen, Michael…..3rdimmunology
Human Anatomy Cotton, F. Albert6thAnatomy
Advanced Organic ChemistryBahl,B.S.;Bahl,ArunChemistry
Advances in Health Education and Promotion.William B.vol-3health education
An Introduction to Health Planning in Developing Countries Green, Andrew, health education